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This book collects all the classic speculative fiction of Abraham Merritt: 18 novels and short stories, plus three of the novels as they originally appeared in magazine publication.

Abraham Grace Merritt (January 20, 1884 – August 21, 1943) – known by his byline, A. Merritt – was an American Sunday magazine editor and a writer of fantastic fiction.

His writings were heavily influenced by H. Rider Haggard, Robert W. Chambers, Helena Blavatsky, and Gertrude Barrows Bennett (writing as Francis Stevens). In turn, Merritt was a major influence on H. P. Lovecraft and Richard Shaver, and was highly esteemed by Michael Moorcock and Robert Bloch.

His stories generally revolve around conventional pulp magazine themes, but his writing is set apart from typical pulp tales by his lush, florid prose style.

Contents were originally published 1917 ~ 1946. This ebook is in the public domain where copyright is “Life+70” or less.

The Moon Pool was the first science fiction book I ever read when I was 10 years old, and it turned me into a sci fi fan for life. Hope you can visit some fond memories here too.
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