Historical Fiction Maindron, Maurice: Blancador l'avantageux [FRENCH]
#1  Chris Jones 01-31-2020, 01:29 PM
Blancador l'avantageux is the most pessimistic novel published by Maurice Maindron (1857-1911). In this third novel that uses the French religious wars of the late 16th century as background the main characters of the two previous novels, the marquis de Saint-Cendre and baron Odet Clérambon are now in their fifties and they do not appear in person. They are only briefly mentioned at the beginning of the novel. The focus is now on baron Blancador whose has a natural dislike for any form of violence where he might be personally involved and whose only merit is the ability to seduce wealthy women and use them to fulfil his lifetime ambition of reaching a high position in society through intrigue.

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