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#1  zelda_pinwheel 01-17-2008, 07:31 PM
since i got my 1150 i have been transferring files through Filament Books "my bookshelf" feature, which automatically converts documents from different formats to imp (i'm reading a lot of gutenberg books which i have in .txt format mostly). this was intended to be a temporary solution while waiting for my sm card reader to arrive but now it has and it's not working (see my other post if you have any ideas about that !) so i may continue.

i have had good results converting .doc files because i discovered i can easily make a header with the title and author, which i like very much.

then the other day i found the Mrs. Miniver internet edition. i decided to try to use it to experiment with linked TOC, since it already has one (and since i wanted to read it but hate reading books on the pc). so i copied all the text to a new doc file and changed the links to internal ones (within the document, not absolute to the url). i have never done this in word before so luckily it turned out to be pretty easy to figure out, but there might be something obvious i overlooked.

when i uploaded it to my book through filament, the toc works EXCEPT 3 links ; the text of the link is there but it is not linked. when i check the .doc on my computer the link appears to be good, same format as the rest, and if i click it goes to the right place. i tried deleting them in my original .doc and redoing the link / transfer / conversion, still no linky.

i am attaching my doc file (with the links) in case anybody wants to look, but purely for research purposes as it does not seem to be in the public domain (although it is freely available online). the links which do not work ON THE 1150 (they work in the .doc) are :
- Guy Fawkes' Day
- New Year's Eve
- At the dentist's

is there a special trick to making a linked toc ? would it be better to do this directly in an html document with named anchors ? (i assume the html tag to make a page header would be the page title ? also if i do this, can i add a cover image if i have one ? i have not figured out how to include images in a doc file but this may be due to the filament conversion). is this just a random bug ? it's not a big deal for this document but i would like to figure it out for future conversions if i get ambitious...

if i can get my card reader to work (or get another one...) i would like to try using some converstion software myself but for the moment i don't see how to transfer files to the 1150 without using their site...

thanks in advance for any help !

#2  Stephanos 01-17-2008, 10:04 PM
The three links that don't work contain apostrophes. That seems to be why they aren't converting (don't ask me why this happens). I got the same result as you did when I ran your file through the eBook Publisher software.

BTW, you don't need to fool with removing the card and using a card reader to load new books into the reader. First, download and install the USB driver from ETI. Then download the free Publisher software from ETI and use the Librarian software (even in free mode it allows you to send books to the reader) along with the USB cable that came with the EB-1150. If you need help figuring out how to do this, feel free to ask.

#3  Patricia 01-17-2008, 10:10 PM
I've removed the attachment because it is a copyright violation. If you click on the link in the original post it says very clearly:

"Copyright, the Estate of Jan Struther, 1939.
This authorised internet edition was published with the permission of the Maxtone Graham family, and the assistance of Joyce Maxtone Graham's son, Robert Maxtone Graham, in 2001.
It is illegal to reproduce this work without permission."

#4  zelda_pinwheel 01-18-2008, 06:05 AM
Stephanos : thanks so much for your help ! i will try to avoid apostrophes in links from now on, i hadn't made the connection. how strange...

i will definitely also download the usb driver and conversion soft you mentioned, that is great !! i really thought i couldn't send to the eb-1150 directly via usb, and i am so glad to know that i can... i have enough gutenberg texts stored up to keep me busy for a looong time (have i mentioned how much i love the gutenberg project ? seriously, LOVE it. currently reading the complete works of Jane Austen !) and i am looking forward to trying to format them a bit now, making toc and covers and such.

Patricia : so sorry ! i hope that wasn't an unpardonable thing... i wasn't sure whether i could attach the file or not (in the name of science), i was not intending to upload it to the books section in any case (even if i could get the links to work). i promise i won't make a habit of it.

#5  Patricia 01-18-2008, 10:49 AM
Not to worry, Zelda. It's just that we want to stay as a legitimate site.

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