picture not showing & font size too amall
#1  salempeacock 12-24-2007, 09:43 AM

Hi all,
I recently bought 'ebookwise1150' and registered 'ebbokwise librarian also. It works fine for me exept when I use the librarian to convert html,rtf doc etc the coverpage of the ebook is blank. I don't like my ebooks without the pictures or coverpage. Please somebody tell me how to rectify it.

Also while converting the font size differs. Sometimes it is normal and sometimes it is too small to read. some suggestion please?


#2  Stephanos 12-24-2007, 12:59 PM
To get complete control over font size, margins, etc. you could use the eBook Publisher software from ETI (the maker of the EB-1150) to make your books. If you don't have it yet, it's a free download from here.
After you import your doc/RTF/HTML file, you can examine and edit the odf file created by the software. Then you can preview the book and make any additional changes you want. After the .imp file is created, put it in the program directory for the librarian and upload it to the reader.

Others may recommend Book Designer. I'll let others help you there, since it's not my favorite solution.

#3  salempeacock 12-28-2007, 02:11 AM
Thank you Stephanos,
I will download it.

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