How to ask a question about conversion problems
#1  kovidgoyal 08-01-2012, 04:08 AM
Conversion of ebooks from one format to another is complex. A conversion is the result of the interaction of thousands of different inputs and subsystems. In order to ask a question in a way that is likely to get help, you must provide at least the following information:
  1. The file you are trying to convert. If the file is copyrighted then create an extract/sample that shows the problem, or use the calibre bug report system to create a private bug with the file attached.
  2. The conversion log from calibre. You get this by clicking the rotating spinner in the bottom right of the main calibre window and using the show job details button.
  3. The output file, if any.
  4. A description of what exactly the problem is. If there is an error message when converting then the full error message, which you can get by clicking the show details button on the error message.
  5. A description of any conversion options you changed from the default

It is particularly important that you provide us with a way to reproduce your problem. That makes it much easier to answer your question. That means you provide at least the input file and a description of the problem as well as any non default conversion settings you use.

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