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#1  p4cx 01-09-2021, 05:27 AM

a few years ago I bought a Pocketbook Touch HD 3 e-book reader and found it had a lousy standard dictionary. As a non-native speaker, I enjoy reading English books, so I occasionally need a translation of a word. The standard dictionaries on this device only provide basic vocabulary and therefore do not help me any further. Because of this problem, I looked around a little and only found expensive dictionaries that weren't big enough for my taste.
Therefore I wrote a small program to parse the data from into the xdxf format, ready for the converter (which I got from this forum, thanks) to load these into the binary dic format by pocketbook. If you are wondering: My script only picks the translation of the words, no explanations or grammatical informations. I think, that another languages won't work with my tool - it has to be customized for it.

Please check it out. I am open for criticism and improvements. If you want, feel free to contribute to my repo. If you need help, feel free to ask.


#2  Markismus 01-10-2021, 02:04 PM
You can combine it with the dictionary script from this thread. In case you would like to convert mobi-, Stardict- and csv-format to Pocketbook dic-format, too.

Looking at your code is a csv-format with tab as separation symbol?

#3  p4cx 01-10-2021, 06:12 PM
Ah, I already found it on github and starred it. But I didn't had the time to investigate this further. But I will, it's looking really promising.

Yeah, the format of is a textfile with all entries in own lines, seperated with tabs. Quite easy to parse, it would even be possible to write a beautiful xdxf file with grammatical informations, etc.. But I don't like this kind of stuff while reading and translating words. Therefore I got rid of all that stuff.

But it shouldn't be that complicated to rewrite it with variable options and use your script for generating the dic file (so I don't have to use my Windows VM for the generator, yey )

#4  Markismus 01-11-2021, 04:07 AM
I used a command line approach using wine: wine convert.exe etc.etc.
So without using my script, you can already get rid of the VM.

#5  p4cx 01-11-2021, 05:14 AM
Yeah, i already tried that - won't work on my system. But there are some tools, I need Windows for, therefore the VM isn't that much a problem.
But I always prefer a Linux/Mac only solution.

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