problem connecting to Caliber server
#1  pacarg 01-25-2020, 08:15 PM
I have a problem with CC (payment ) in a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, when I want to connect CC in mode "as a wireless device" with my Pc where I have Caliber, always asks me (in the Tablet with CC) enter the pass of: "My Kindle Content" and although I write my pass nothing happens and does not connect, asking again the key. Can someone help me or give me an idea where the problem may be?
This does not happen in the same Tablet with the free version, but, as it is limited to 20 books I thought it would be smart to pay for the full version (was it smart???)
Next time before to pay, I need to visit this forum and read that the project is abandoned by its creators. Now, I need to continue because I have paid.
Thank you very much!

#2  stumped 01-26-2020, 01:55 AM
"where I have Caliber, always asks me (in the Tablet with CC) enter the pass of: "My Kindle Content"

are you sure about that. "my kindle content" is a folder on PC which amazon creates, for amazon book downloads. that is not used by CC

the only password that may be needed is if you have told CALIBRE to ask for a password, on the pc which has the calibre library.

screenshots will help

the only differences, I think, between the free version and the paid version, is the number of books allowed. all the connections options should work the same

what happens when you try to connect to content server ?

#3  pacarg 01-26-2020, 06:50 AM
Thank you very much for your message.
Your questions, helped me to control and again check the configuration in the connection between Calibre and CC.
The message in my Spanish interface I think was not very accurate and this made me look for the solution by Kindle and it was not correct. I deleted the password (I didn't remember that I had done it) and the access problem was solved.
Again, thank you very much!

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