New to the mobile read forum
#1  belindafox 01-23-2020, 02:15 PM
This is my first post here. I came on here because I like reading with my partner ... the same book ... different devices .... same account and when I open the book to read, it used to say that my partner was on page such and such and would I like to go there/Date/time. It no longer does that. I turned off whisper sync but I still don't have a way to know where he is or where we are unless I just read over his shoulder.

#2  Sirtel 01-24-2020, 03:07 AM
Hello and welcome.

Please post about your problem in the Amazon Kindle subforum

or in the Apple subforum

Many members never visit the Introduction section and so they won't see your question here. You would be more likely to get the answer there.

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