Restoring a large library
#1  fbean8 01-07-2020, 08:23 AM

I recently bought a new iPad 7th Gen 128GB and I would like to transfer my old ebook library. My old device is an Ipad Mini - Marvin Classic. I've been attempting a restore but I have been unsuccessful. I am able to AirDrop the 48GB backup file onto my iPad (takes forever to transfer) but it crashes the Marvin 3 app once I attempt the restore OR I get a notification that my iPad is running out of space while restoring. The ipad is brand new and has very few apps installed. I suppose Marvin 3 "replicates" the 49GB file while restoring that's why space is an issue.

I've been using Marvin for several years now and I have so many folders and highlights and it would be such a shame to lose all this metadata.

Could it be because of my large library filesize (49GB)? Does anyone have experience with the migration of a large ebook library similar to mine? (Marvin Classic OR Marvin 3) Should I give up hope and rebuild my library from scratch?

Other suggestions for a workaround also welcome. Thanks so much.

#2  Turtle91 01-07-2020, 08:28 AM
Here is a tut about how to transfer from classic to 3. It might take forever with such a large file??

When Marvin 3 first came out I was able to backup/restore from classic with no problems.

#3  ilovejedd 01-07-2020, 11:34 PM
I'm surprised AirDrop allowed you to transfer a file that big.

Yes, you'll need enough free space to hold both the backup file and the books being extracted.

How many books did you have in it? The Marvin backup is a simple zip file so you can extract it to PC to check which files are taking a lot of storage space and how much storage it actually consumes uncompressed. You can copy the backup to PC via iTunes file sharing.

Crashing may be due to out of memory errors.

Perhaps you can Erase all content and settings on the new iPad and try setting up again from scratch. Make sure to disable iCloud Photo Library, delete all the pre-installed apps and force close all background apps before you try the Marvin migration again.

If that fails, do you know someone with a fairly empty 256GB+ iPad or iPhone that you can borrow? Perhaps you can do the migration there, create a backup and restore the converted backup to your new iPad (which is hopefully simpler compared to a restore with Marvin 2-to-Marvin 3 migration).

By the way, assuming you're logged in to the same iTunes account where you purchased Marvin Classic, you can still install the old Marvin Classic on the iPad 7. Text would just look a bit fuzzier.

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