CC : connect to NAS?
#1  Choubix 01-01-2020, 09:07 PM
Hi guys,

I have all my ebooks, pdf, articles... on Dropbox. The Dropbox library is replicated automatically on my Synology NAS for safekeeping.

I would like to use the NAS library instead of Dropbox for both calibre (Dropbox has 3 max synced devices limitation) and CC (I can easily connect to Dropbox, box etc but how to connect to a NAS?)

Is this possible and if so how please?
thank you all and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

#2  stumped 01-02-2020, 02:06 AM
Quote Choubix
Hi guys,

..(I can easily connect to Dropbox, box etc but how to connect to a NAS?)

you can no longer even connect to dropbox FROM A NEW DEVICE because authentication is broken for 18 months+ now and unlikely to be fixed

you should also know ( scan the forum)
1. android CC has not been updated since July 2018 so you can forget about enhancements/improvements. Developer has said he will not look at android again until IOS CC subscriptions are implemented ( the implication is that android CC will then be subscription also, if he has any customers left by then)

2. the new developer does not bother to provide support here, and rarely shows up at all. When he does it is only to make excuses for broken promises and to promote the subscription model he has planned for IOS [ see above]

the only way you might get NAS to work is to play with existing connect options, there is one for connect to library on sd card so if you can somehow mount the NAS as a network drive/pseudo card it might work.

#3  Choubix 01-02-2020, 04:46 AM
thank you for this detailed reply (+ possible workaround!)

What's the next best thing after CC since the developer seems to be milking the cow and not providing updates? Thanks!

#4  stumped 01-02-2020, 05:26 AM
calibre box is an app in google play store that works with dropbox
there's no obvious solution for NAS unless you can configure it to be an OPDS server

#5  milady133 01-02-2020, 11:11 AM
There are instructions to deploy COPS (Calibre OPDS) in a Synology, it doesn't provide all the functionality that Calibre Companion does, but it's ok for downloading. If you want to access outside your wifi, security is non existent or difficult to implement, I can't remember now if it was possible, so probably only workable inside your wifi.
You have also Bicbucstriim project, latest version is from 16/11/2018, so I don't know if it's still maintained and if it'll work with latest versions of Calibre.
And depending if your Synology is potent enough to work with Docker, you might install a docker image of Calibre and have the Calibre Web activated 24/7.

#6  milady133 01-02-2020, 11:35 AM
I have just read about Ubooquity, it supports comics also, (seems it can read metadata from Calibre and ComicRack, the app I use for my comics) so it might be worth exploring also.

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