Which bookbrowser on e-ink on Android?
#1  HermanJ 10-29-2019, 11:11 AM
I'm using Koreader on my Android (4.4.2) e-reader (Tolino vision 4HD). Koreader is a fine reader, but lacks a good Bookbrowser. You can browse, but it's in the directory structure. And in my local library this structure is made with a lot of subdirectories (like: ebooks\author\book\book.epub). So browsing is hard, going in and out all those directories.
Other readers, like Moonreader for example, have mostly nice browsers but they use up-down scrolling what is very hard on e-ink devices. You need a click-for-next-page kind of scrolling on e-ink.
The original software that comes with the device has a good bookbrowser, but it opens the books with it's own software, which I don't really like.

So, I'm searching for an app that has a good bookbrowser for e-ink devices on Android. Preferably one that let you open the selected book in the reading app of your own choosing.

Anyone experience with this kind of apps? What are you guys using for browsing books on a e-ink device?

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