PRS-T2 Are there power charger spec limits?
#11  Ghitulescu 12-07-2020, 12:03 PM
Quote DoctorM
Tested this for the first time yesterday. The charge icon came up, but when I returned the unit had not charges and I got a pop-up saying that.
There is a thread here about which cables work with Sonies.
These are very picky units.
I have a few Sony cellphones and all three T series, and I don't remember which charger is which and mixed up with others, cables and chargers, Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic, nonames etc. Some work, some don't. Some can only charge, some do both.

I think the "true" 3A chargers have a recognition resistor (it's in the device) so it knows that the device can accept 0.5, 1, 2, 2.1 or 3A. It may be that cheap chargers do not react to this and pump all the juice, raising the voltage if the device resists the amperage.

Anyway, it's always better to charge with a lower amperage than with full, even if it takes longer. What are nights for?

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