IOS CC Cloud Server (Onedrive), Shared Folder Not found
#1  Kaimeirra 08-23-2019, 07:33 AM
Hi all,
I have been using Calibre for many years, and for the last couple I have shared my library with family (different households) via dropbox. I am at a point where I have exceeded the free size and I do not see a point in paying for more as everyone of my family would need to do the same, as shared files for dropbox take up space on each shared persons own dropbox. I already have a 1tb onedrive, and onedrive shared files dont take up space on others own onedrive, so wanted to transfer my library to it instead. There are not many decent apps for onedrive support through, so thought Id try Calibre Companion (I used to send complete copys of books to the shared folder for everyone to use in what ever app they had, but the thought of being able to just utilize a whole Calibre library with my organisation sounds amazing). Ive run into a snag unfortunately, and I dont know if anyone can help me with it.
Calibre Companion Cloud Server on the IOS does not seem to be able to recognise shared calibre libraries, even with folder selected and 'add to my onedrive' clicked. I have tested the library on my own as the owner and it works perfect. The only way I seem to have been able to get it to work on some one elses, is to make a copy of the shared folder/library and re-place it into their onedrive (which stops it from being a shared file as it then becomes there own copy instead). It works but negates the point of it not taking up space in other's clouds. It is also an extra step, and they would have to manually replace it with the updated shared folder, as I made changes.
I did come across one other post similar to mine, and they seem to have got it working by just clicking the option on the shared folder to 'add to my dropbox' (which I tried), I am wondering if the android version of CC works this way as the post did not specify which version they were using?
Will the CC have any future support for the IOS version in fixing this?
Am I missing a step?
Any thoughts ppl?!
-Kind Regards

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