Hello World!
#1  AliceWonder 08-22-2019, 01:05 PM
Hello All!

In the past I have stayed away from ePub, my eyes aren't the greatest so I read PDF on a full computer screen at full screen width, or I read the printed book which is less hard on my eyes than a screen.

However I am in the process of publishing a quarterly magazine, and intend to publish ePub as well as printed and PDF, as a lot of people prefer to use an eBook reader (or their phone/tablet).

So that's me and why I'm here.

I'm typesetting the printed / PDF version with LaTeX - typesetting software common in the academic world. Plan to use tex4ht to export from LaTeX to HTML and then import into Calibre to properly format it in ePub, imagine I have a lot to learn.

Plan to publish both as ePub w/o DRM and export to Amazon's format, even though I personally am very much opposed to DRM philosophically (pirates always find a way around it, DRM almost always only hurts the honest people)

Probably will buy a kindle device, part of the magazine will have reviews of books in same genre that often are *only* published via Kindle, I won't always be the one writing the review but I at least need to read them so I can make sure the review that has been written is accurate.

Well, thank you ahead of time for the welcome wishes, hopefully what I learn reading here will help me produce the best ePub version of my coming periodical as possible.

I'll be using Calibre to test what I produce, and probably send it to my phone too (Android) to double check it there.

#2  MickeyC 08-22-2019, 05:28 PM
Hi Alice and and welcome to MobileRead. Good luck with all of the above. And don’t hesitate to post questions in our Calibre and other sections where you’ll get quick and very helpful answers.

#3  michal.h21 08-23-2019, 06:45 AM
Hi Allice, I am tex4ht developer. If you want to produce ePub or Mobi files from LaTeX, you can try tex4ebook, which can produce them directly. It uses tex4ht in the background and apart from automation of the process, it can also include the cover image, document metadata and table of contents from your LaTeX document.

#4  pdurrant 08-23-2019, 08:20 AM
I have copied the technical part of your post and the useful reply to a new thread in the appropriate forum.

Welcome to MobileRead.

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