Stop auto upload to Calibre
#1  Mellonie 08-17-2019, 11:15 PM
I have about 10K books on CC right now. Getting them on there using the wireless connection was relatively easy (only took about 2 hours). The problem is that whenever I reconnect CC to my main Calibre on my computer, all of the metadata for all of the books automatically updates. This alone takes 3-4 hours with each connection and makes sending new books over more or less unfeasible. Is there any way to disable this sync, or at least make it only one-way? Calibre reading all of the books on my tablet only takes around 3 minutes, but CC updating all of the books takes the remaining few hours.

I've already turned off the "sync newer book files" and "scan for new book" under the CC connection settings.

#2  chaley 08-18-2019, 08:47 AM
The short answer: no, there is no way to stop automatic updating of metadata.

The long answers:

1) The metadata for books is updated when there is a change in calibre. Some changes, such as editing or creating a custom column, mark all books as changed. Other changes, such as changing the case of a tag, will mark all books with that tag. If you don't make any such changes then the update cycle should be quite fast. The calibre last_modified date is used for this check.

2) Calibre and CC cooperate to cache CC's book metadata on the computer running calibre. This cache helps calibre quickly determine which books have been updated. If the cache file is deleted then CC must resend all metadata back to calibre, which can take a long time. On windows the cache file is usually stored in C:\Users\**YOU**\AppData\Local\calibre-cache.

3) I have seen cases where calibre gets confused about what metadata to send if the computer running calibre is set to a different time zone than the device running CC, or if the clocks on the two devices differ widely.

4) You can test if the cache is working by:
  1. Connect CC as a wireless device
  2. Let the sync finish.
  3. Disconnect CC
  4. Immediately connect CC again.
  5. Let the sync finish.
If the second sync is long then something is broken is the cache system. If the second sync is shorter then some operation you are doing in calibre is causing all books to be updated.

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