Mystery and Crime Donovan, Dick: From Clue to Capture (1893); v.1., 28 Jun 2019
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Dick Donovan is the pseudonym of British author James Edward Preston Muddock (28 May 1843 – 23 January 1934) who created a private detective, also named Dick Donovan, in the 1890s.

1: The Chamber Of Shadows
2: A Misplaced Love
3: The Jewelled Skull
4: The Worm In The Bud
5: The Story Of The Great Cat's-Eye
6: The Silver Dagger
7: The Secrets Of The Black Brotherhood
8: Checkmated
9: The Story Of An Infamous Cabal, And How It Was Detected
10: An Unrehearsed Tragedy
11: The Secrets Of A Haunted House
12: The Clue Of The Handprint

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