Upcoming Sigil Changes
#1  DiapDealer 06-08-2019, 08:32 PM
Sigil moving from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine

Sigil 0.9.14 will mark the last version that uses QtWebKit, and will be the last version to support editing in BookView.

Soon after our upcoming Sigil 0.9.14 release we will release the QtWebEngine version of Sigil as a beta along side a beta of a new program called PageEdit that will do much of what BookView did via an Open-With but will run on QtWebEngine.

The official 32-bit Windows installer for Sigil will also be on the chopping block very, very soon (but will be included for the Sigil 0.9.14 release). We're not going to be removing the ability for Sigil to be built as a 32-bit application on Windows, but we won't be providing official 32-bit Windows installers after 0.9.14 (or maybe the next version after that) any more.

For Linux packagers, the current "master" branch of Sigil will be moved to a "webkit" branch while the development branch "engine" will become the new master. This will be taking place sometime after the Sigil 0.9.14 release. Please adjust accordingly.

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