Horror Stoker, Bram: The Lair of the White Worm (1911); v1; 9 April 2020
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Bram Stoker's last book, inspired by the Brampton Worm legend. This is the 1911 first edition, which contained 6 colour illustrations by occult artist Pamela Colman Smith (1878-1951). As Smith's work is not yet in L+70 PD, her illustrations have been omitted.

The story takes place in 1860, with some weird goings-on at the Caswell estate, known as Castra Regis. There is someone trying to revive mesmerism to influence young women; livestock and at least one child have vanished mysteriously. Adam Salton, newly returned from Australia, is involved in trying to investigate. There is madness, a prehistoric creature known as the "white worm," and an explosive climax in a wild thunderstorm.

All good horror stuff in the best Edwardian style.

A wild and woolly movie loosely based on the book appeared in 1988, produced by Ken Russell, with a very young Peter Capaldi as Salton, and Amanda Donohue as Lady Arabella Caswell.
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