Science Fiction Jameson, Malcolm: Jameson Miscellany. v2 28 Feb 2020
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NOTE: Version 2. Two additional stories. If You're Smart (Source: and Catalyst Poison (source:

THE stories and articles in this anthology were compiled from copies of the magazines in which they were originally published. The principle source being One story, Blind Alley, was found elsewhere on the internet, in the form of a very poor pdf. All the stories have been proofread and formatted uniformly. The cover was created using an original from Weird Tales, March 1941; which featured Jameson's story The Man Who Loved Planks. Four stories not contained in either, this anthology, or The Big Book of Malcolm Jameson Stories (available on this site – uploaded by Pulpmeister, 2019), are Einstein in Reverse, Lotus Juice, If You’re smart and Catalyst Poison. I have un-OCRed copies of the latter two. I will transcribed them if I can find the time. However, if anyone would like to volunteer to undertake this please let me know!
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