Smart Audiobook Player Sleep Timer
#1  wawasteele 09-30-2014, 12:30 PM
Does anyone know of a way to use the Sleep Timer without having it reset with movement?

Smart is my favorite player. It does one thing that I don't care for though. The sleep timer can be reset by shaking. That's fine, nice in fact. But I would like to also be able to set it to not reset with shaking. I have it set to the highest sensitivity and it still will reset when I don't want it to.

I know I can use Force Stop. That has drawbacks though. The time choices are very limited. The main issue though is it's not accessible on the main screen, only through a few levels of the menu. Every time you want to use it, it has to be set. I also have to remember to "unset" (how about that for a word?) it when I start the player up again which means another trip through several levels of the menu.

#2  wawasteele 10-04-2014, 06:12 PM
I emailed the developer and got a reply. He said he would consider making a change to the app so there are more choices.

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