Horror Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham: Six Ghost Stories (collected ghosts). v1. 03 Nov 2020
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by: Thomas Graham Jackson

Presented here, six tales in the tradition of M. R. James. Like James, Jackson initially wrote his stories “for the amusement of the home circle,” and then made them available for the entertainment of the wider circle of the ghosts’ fandom.

Sir Thomas Graham Jackson, 1st Baronet, RA (21 December 1835 – 7 November 1924) was one of the most distinguished English architects of his generation, and a prolific author of carefully researched works on architectural history. These supernatural stories, his only foray into fiction, were written in emulation of M. R. James, whom he admired.

Six Ghost Stories was originally published in 1919. The text is in the public domain in countries where copyright is Life+90 or less, and in the USA.

To entertain your inner antiquary...
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