Short Fiction Hyne, Cutcliffe: Adventurers Three, and other stories (2020); v1; 3 Feb 2020
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J Cutcliffe Hyne has told stories of life in the fin-de-siecle tramp steamer business from the view of a captain (Kettle); an engineer (McTodd); and now from the points of view of three men from the stokehold: "Adventurers Three, Fairfield, Clydebank and Rakes." These very short stories were published in many newspapers of the time, but not, so far as I know, ever collected.

"And Other Stories" holds all the remaining Cutcliffe Hyne short stories I could find in Australian newspapers through the Australian National Library's on-line resource Trove.

This collection is unique to MobileRead Forums' Patricia Clarke Memorial Library. The cover I made up, as obviously no cover existed.

Adventurers Three
1: Yellow Jack House in Vera Cruz
2: The Roulette Lady in Hull.
3: Mrs. Davidson and P.P.I.
4: The Boiled Fishhouse In Marseilles
5: Crossing The Bar At Tampico
6: The Pirate Syndicate In New York
7: The Sandbaggers In Liverpool
8: The Squint-Eyed Crimp At Las Palmas
9: The Yacht Repairing Slip at Glasgow
10: The Matter Of The Half Camel in Mogador
11: The Trawler's Shell Chest in Fleetwood
12: The Bastinado in Algiers
13: The Lady in the Sack at Plymouth
14: The Stuffed Sunfish at Genoa

And Other Stories
15: The Gray Hair
16: Guaranteed Countess
17: In Memoriam
18: The Salvage Hunter
19: The King Diamond
20: Run Down
21: The Race
22: The Mine Layer
23: The Colonel
24: A Baptism Of Fire
25: The Holder of the Spoil
26: Christmas 1837 - 2037
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