Marvin 3 incompatible with iPhone X?
#11  ilovejedd 05-15-2019, 09:54 AM
Quote Turtle91
If there was some critical 'break' that made Marvin non-functional, that would be a different story. I don't rate the notch in iPhone X in that category - especially with such an easy workaround.

To each, their own.
Lol, meanwhile, the notch would bother me alot. If I read light text on dark background it wouldn't bother me. However, I find dark text on light background (sepia) with brightness set to very low (sometimes with Reduce White Point set to 60-80% as well) much more comfortable for my eyes and I find the notch to be a major distraction.

That said, Marvin's still my favorite reader so I actually buy devices based on display sizes and resolution that are supported by Marvin. On the upside, no FaceID means less expensive devices.

But yeah, when Dropbox support broke, Kris patched that up quickly. I think he probably bought an iPad Pro 10.5 himself hence why that was supported.

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