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#21  kovidgoyal 01-25-2008, 04:04 PM
Quote rationalbiker
Actually that is not at all what I said at all. Perhaps you missed it, but here is what I said in the post you quoted;

I do like Amazon. I also like Sony. Most of my AV gear is Sony. That Sony is a larger company than Amazon is tertiary in the evaluation of what each product offers me (with the caveat the each company needs to be large enough to support it's products and services).

But there is something you need to be aware of when noting the relative size of each of these companies; Sony had around 40+ years to grow before Amazon even existed. If you want to make some kind of point about the size of these companies, perhaps it would be more relevant (though probably not) if you knew their proportionate growth rate given the respective amounts of time they have had to be in business. For instance, did Sony enjoy the same relative rate of growth in it's first 10 or 12 years that Amazon has experienced?

If there is a relevance to the company sizes that you intended that I have overlooked, please elucidate.

After all, one would think that if size had anything to do with it, Sony would have had a better offering. LOL (just kidding)
Well you spent most of that post praising Amazon's virtues, so forgive me for getting confused as to your reasons for liking the Kindle.

As for comparing growth rates, that's just as irrelevant as comparing sizes, since growth rate is dependent on a lot of external factors, including the overall growth rate of the sector in which the company operates.

At any rate, I don't much care for the whole Amazon vs. SONY debate, I only jumped into this thread to point out the often overlooked aspect of Amazon's offering, the lack of support for power users.

And I should also emphasize that had Amazon launched the Kindle a year before SONY, the reverse would likely be true.

#22  rationalbiker 01-25-2008, 04:18 PM
Quote kovidgoyal
Well you spent most of that post praising Amazon's virtues, so forgive me for getting confused as to your reasons for liking the Kindle.
One paragraph addressed Amazon's success as a company. That one paragraph represented about 1/3rd of the post so that really isn't "most of the post".

#23  kovidgoyal 01-25-2008, 04:20 PM
Quote Gideon
I have faith that lots of cool tools that make some of the more painful bits less painful will arise, I have faith we'll see a solid community appear around the Kindle doing amazing things with it as well.
I certainly hope so, and there are already the beginnings of such tools here, although they're being developed more for the Cybook than the Kindle in particular. It's just that the kind of users that tend to write tools will gravitate towards the SONY simply because it already has a well established set of power user tools. Of course, there probably are enough developers out there to service both devices, time will tell

#24  Hadrien 01-25-2008, 04:49 PM
For power users, I also consider the iLiad to be an excellent device. You can do pretty much what you want with it, and if iRex really push these possibilities forward, we can imagine all sorts of dedicated applications for the device.

#25  kovidgoyal 01-25-2008, 05:26 PM
True, unfortunately it's out of my price range (and I kinda like the 6 inch form factor)

#26  Alisa 01-25-2008, 05:40 PM
I think I will be happy to spend that kind of money on a more full-featured reader when the technology is better. If I could have even better, larger e-ink (or equivalent) screen with more tablet-pc functionality, improved stability and longer battery life, I would pay it. The cost-to-benefit ratio just isn't there for me yet with iLiad. I applaud them for making an innovative product, though.

Speaking of which, that was really what the debate was on this thread today, wasn't it? Not whether the Kindle was BETTER than the Sony or other competition, but is it INNOVATIVE. As rationalbiker pointed out, "better" really comes down to the features an individual values. Innovative is still subjective but quite a bit less so. Better is just so highly personal.

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