Fantasy Channing, Mark: The White Python (1935), v1, 21 Oct 2019
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Mark Channing is the pseudonym of Leopold Aloysius M Jones (1879-1943), who wrote a number of similar thrillers set in India and Tibet.

Colin Gray, a big handsome Intelligence Officer under the Raj, is despatched to Tibet to protect the interests of the British Empire in the face of threats from the north (basically the Soviet Union, through its far eastern provinces of Sibera).

There the agent works to counter the efforts of Chorjieff, the unseen key man in the threats, and encountered an underground world of "half-men", a beautiful but possibly mad priestess of the snake cult, and a huge python to which sacrifices are offered....

From the serial edition, published in the Australian weekly newspaper "Australasian" commencing 2 February 1935. At not much over 50,000 words it is, undoubtedly, somewhat condensed from the full-length book edition, which is usual with serials.
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