Humor Alden, W. L.: Essays and short stories by W. L. Alden. V1.1. 2 Aug 2019
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William Livingston Alden (1837 – 1908) was an American journalist, diplomat, fiction writer, humorist, and canoe enthusiast. He was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

These are from as well as from scans of magazines or books on One is from Project Gutenberg.

The formatting is what I think of as a "Slim 'n Trim" format; no images, no embedded fonts, and I've tried to design the CSS so that there is a minimum of tagging of html elements with classes.
According to the Count Pages Calibre plugin it is 1541 pages.

It's an EPUB3 but should be backwards compatible and will hopefully work with an EPUB2 reader.

I haven't proofread all of it yet; feel free to send me any errors or typos you may find.

A tricycle made for two (1894)
Antonio’s Englishman (1894)
Hopkin’s safe (1894)
A ghost train (1895)
A very satisfactory fog (1895)
Professor van Wagener’s eye (1895)
The professor’s jump (1895)
A sleeping car tragedy (1896)
Foote’s catorium (1896)
The development of Furlani (1896)
Van Wagener’s flying cat (1896)
The American and Brescia (1904)
The cats of Piacenza (1906)
Psmith of Pavia (1907)
Monty’s friend (1921)
Domestic explosives and other sixth column fancies (1877) (book contains the following stories)
Domestic explosives
Refuting Moses
A profitable fork
Underground classics
A converted philosopher
Forged fossils
The theoretical barber
A curious disease
Mrs. Arnold’s rig
A new point for Darwinians
The early American giant
A sad case
An inconsiderate gift
The Kentucky meteors
Glass eyes
Mr. Long
The road to the Pole
Fish out of place
The decay of burglary
The kidnapped Klamath
The coming man
Spiritual candy
Two recent inventions
Raining cats
Tennessee pygmies
A new company
The achromatic small-boy
Sioux servants
Male girls
A growing vice
Ghost catching
Superfluous snakes
A new society
A mystery solved
The Hat Problem
The uses of dynamite
A model city
A benevolent ghost
Dr. Schliemann
The circulation of needles
The young man of Cheyenne
A remonstrance
The smoking infant
A national want
The happy yachtsman
The boy of Oshkosh
Too much prudence
The coming girl
An unnecessary invention
A beneficent invention
Smiting the heathen
Thanksgiving pie
Star traps
Solved at last
Boyton’s mistakes
Ghostly malignity
Found at last
Systematic villainy
The Greek Christmas
Bottled books
A steam horse
A new weapon
The Thomsonian theory
A western tragedy
A new branch of study
Going to the ant
Postal cats
Psammetichus and Taine
Food and poison
Surgical engineering
The Boston archeologists
The missing link
A warning to brides
The spirophore
Solar insecurity
Wandering houses
Ice water
Spiritual sport
The conflict of rods
Still another shower
The subtle tack hammer
Fossil forgeries
Taming the lamp chimney
The color cure
The emancipated costume
A new attraction for Sunday schools
Arms and the chair
Was it a coincidence
The spread of respectability
Social bandits
Going to the dogs
Enoch Arden
Butter culture
The mosquito hypothesis
Justice to stoves
Inexpensive girls
Women in the pulpit
James Henry
Mounted missionaries
The buzz saw
The two Browns
The rival motors
The wheelbarrow in politics
Royal quarrels
The express evil
Porcine prodigies
Crushed truth
Dye and diet
A benevolent scheme
A new plea
Another distressing case
The recent calamity
Quackery and science
The boy of Dundee
The mule abroad
Shooting stars (1878) (book contains the following stories)
Shooting stars
The Tombigbee incident
A Spanish smuggler
Christmas at Windsor castle
Serenading in St. Louis
A patented child
Righteous retribution
Practice among the Piutes
Carrie’s comedy
A Chicago idyl
Scientific mendacity
The belle of Vallejo
The slipper report
Popular electricity
Long Island hunting
Mr. Simpkins’ downfall
The six button principle
A remedy for brass instruments
The baffled boy
Carthaginian pirates
Too much cabbage
Very popular science
A sleighing tragedy
The managing young man
Sedentary abilities
Cat fishing
A mournful incident
Dogs and ghosts
Red hair
The periodicity of stories
The latest case of hazing
Told by the Colonel (1893) (book contains the following stories)
An ornithological romance
That little Frenchman
Thompson’s tombstone
A union meeting
A clerical romance
A mystery
My brother Elijah
The St. Bernard myth
A matrimonial romance
Hoskins’ pets
The cat’s revenge
Silver plated
Among the freaks (1902) (book contains the following stories)
The wild man of Borneo
How the fat woman eloped
The N’Shugie-Gumbo
A gorilla romance
A case of dual consciousness
The mermaid
Major microbe
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Version 1.1 uploaded. Proofreading fixes.

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