Spiritual Schaff, Philip: The Holy Bible American Standard Version. v1. May 11, 2019
#1  Difflugia 05-11-2019, 04:52 PM
This is the American Standard Version of the Bible, completed in 1901. There are at least a couple other editions of this in the Mobileread library, so here is a quick summary of what this one offers:

I also put a few dozen hours into proofreading and fixing paragraphs. I've corrected several hundred errors, though the vast majority are admittedly minor (punctuation and capitalization, mostly).

My preference for navigation would be a properly nested NCX table of contents, but most ereader software flattens the NCX entries so there is a massive list of books and chapters to scroll through. I created HTML tables for books and chapters for quick navigation. The unfortunate fact that I used tables means that not all reader software will handle them gracefully, though. My goal was to make the Bible usable on my phone and tablet with Bluefire reader, which uses Adobe's RMSDK. I've used it on an Android phone, an Android tablet, and an iPad with iOS 12. It passes epubcheck v4.0.2 with no errors or warnings.

I'm still ironing out kinks as I find them, but it's pretty usable at this point. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Here are some screenshots of Bluefire Reader on my phone:

image » image » image »
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[epub] ASV-Difflugia-1.0.epub (2.33 MB, 198 views)

#2  luthobu 05-27-2020, 10:48 AM
Thank you!

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