when i save all files to 1 folder
#1  xenduro 06-28-2020, 12:41 AM
when i save books to one folder
why do i get .jpg files and .opf files? i have a lot of books and i just delete them, because i do not know what 2 do with them? it takes hours...and then more hours to delete them again from the re-cycle bin.

i think i only want .epub,.azw3,.mobi and .pdf formats. i split them to different folders (the epubs anyway) and then load what i want to phone and tablet.

why does it export those types? how do i use them?

i have over 300,000 books in calibre.
i export by author 4 times a-c d-h i-q r-z (60,000 to 90,000 in each).
tks Greg R.

#2  Pulpmeister 06-28-2020, 03:21 AM
The jpg or jpeg file is the cover image of the book. The opf file is what makes it an ebook. ("open packaging file").

#3  Sarmat89 06-28-2020, 05:08 AM
Those are metadata backup from your library. Can be safely deleted.

#4  Bookstooge 06-28-2020, 05:45 AM
Any particular reason you're simply not using calibre to move the books onto your devices? That would avoid the whole moving/deleting thing and save you the hours you say it takes to clean it all up.

#5  davidfor 06-28-2020, 07:28 AM
And, there are options in thee preferences for save-to-disk for these files. You can turn off creating them.

#6  xenduro 06-28-2020, 01:17 PM
tks davidfor i will look for those options.

bookstooge. i spread them into 18 different folders based on title/author mostly.
45,000 lines of dos commands only get about half(with many mis-groupings). any suggestions welcome as to how to do it better,,GREAT.

tks all. (deletes still running since last night-almost done)(windows gives delete errors which slows it way down)

#7  cfrizz 06-28-2020, 03:38 PM
I delete as soon as I download them to my ebook file. Do it immediate after downloading and that way you won't have big mess to clean up as you are doing now.

#8  Bookstooge 06-28-2020, 04:45 PM
dos commands? Would you elaborate just what kind of system you're using? You should have done that at the beginning, as I've made a lot of assumptions. Don't dole out the info like it is a state secret for goodness sake.

#9  DNSB 06-28-2020, 05:19 PM
On a Windows system since you mention DOS, open a command prompt at the root of the directory structure you saved your files to (hopefully, you are not trying to do this to your calibre library as that is very ungood).

Then enter "del /s /q *.opf" and once that command completes enter "del /s /q *.jpg". Or you could put both lines into a .cmd file. The first line changes to the drive and directory which is the root of your exported file directories.

Something like;
cd /d "e:\root of file storage"
del /s /q *.opf
del /s /q *.jpg

#10  xenduro 06-28-2020, 09:21 PM
this one calls another dos command exec
rem start re
ECHO start ec
start NewP0.cmd a-c
start NewP0.cmd d-h
start NewP0.cmd i-q
start NewP0.cmd r-z
start NewP0.cmd mor
=====part of the called 1
move d:\AcalU%1^\olden" "time" "series","" "vol*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\*olden" "time" "series","" "vol*.e* :\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\rover" "boys*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\*rover" "boys*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\wells","" "h"."" "g*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\*wells","" "h"."" "g*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\william" "shakespeare*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV
move d:\AcalU%1^\*william" "shakespeare*.e* d:\Zz%1^classNOV

move d:\AcalU%1^\writings" "of" "a" "mystic*.e* d:\Zz%1^religion
move d:\AcalU%1^\*writings" "of" "a" "mystic*.e* d:\Zz%1^religion

after all 40,000 moves the remaining ones are moved to the
author folders(a-c d-h etc)

most of the 40,000 are adjusts for books that went to wrong folders
with less specific moves

move d:\AcalU%1^\*security*.e* d:\Zz%1^shtf
move d:\AcalU%1^\security*.e* d:\Zz%1^shtf

IE: if i notice (maybe) a mystery novel that should have gone to the mystery folder i'd move it up front with the full dsn.

i wrote a SAS program that takes the file names (via a dos pipe command to a file)
and it puts the MANY quotes that are needed then i ADD some of those to the move programs.

i was not hiding any thing just trying to not confuse everyone.

how many people can read that mess?? (old retired IBM programmer)
so windows program(on big desk top(3 internal drives 1t 6t 6t) old SPF text editor and FREE sas for home use....

also do you think the dos examples you just gave me will be quicker than plain old delete the files?

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