Short Fiction Cox, Erle: The Great Mendax Transmitter (v1); 3 Jan 2021
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Erle Cox (1873-1950) was an Australian journalist, and author of three novels: Out of the Silence, (1919), Fools' Harvest (1939); and The Missing Angel (1947). These books are in the Library, re-introduced, having been moved to off-line when the site changed to L+70.

He also wrote a number of short stories, which appeared in Australian newspapers but which were never collected into a volume. Several of them feature Mendax, a mad scientist of epic proportions, and his crackpot inventions.

1: The Great Mendax Transmitter
2: The Invisibility of Mendax
3: The Mendax Gold Saver
4: The Rejuvenation of Slogger Binns
5: An Awkward Dilemma
6: "Forty Bob Or—"

...and other stories

1: The Gift Of Venus
2: The Demoralisation of Muriel
3: What the Archbishop Knew
4: The Cog Wheels
5: A Black Cat For Luck
6: Her One Aim In Life
7: When Kean Funked
8: A Matter Of Creed
9: Faux Pas
10: Charlotte Bronte is Shocked
11: Even the Valkyrie
12: The Social Code
13: The Two Vows of Lady Anne
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