Has anyone used Sitescooper with Plucker?
#1  ignatz 06-18-2004, 10:22 AM
I get an error like this:

SITE START: now scooping site "sites/".
Reading: 1 stories downloaded (1.9 K uncompressed).
Running: plucker-build -p"C:\Palm\sitescooper-3.1.3\tmp\txt\A.Word.A.Day" -s scoop -f "C:\Palm\sitescooper-3.1.3\tmp\prc\A.Word.A.Day"
'plucker-build' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
command failed: plucker-build -p"C:\Palm\sitescooper-3.1.3\tmp\txt\A.Word.A.Day
" -s scoop -f "C:\Palm\sitescooper-3.1.3\tmp\prc\A.Word.A.Day"
failed to move C:\Palm\sitescooper-3.1.3\tmp\prc\A.Word.A.Day.pdb to C:\Palm\Ignatz\jpluck\ram\A.Word.A.Day.pdb
Created: C:\Palm\Ignatz\jpluck\ram\A.Word.A.Day.pdb
SITE END: done scooping site "sites/".
It seems that "plucker-build" is the root of the problem. I've done only a little digging into web resources, so the answer may be right out there. Has anyone encountered this before?

#2  ignatz 08-03-2004, 09:25 AM
Hey Geoffrey, maybe you have an answer for this? Or perhaps you can share with me just how you use Sitescooper with Plucker? I used to use iSilo and Sitescooper would convert readily and dump it right into my sync folder. When I use it with Plucker I have had to generate a html page with Sitescooper and then pluck that local page. I would prefer to go back to the streamlined setup that I had with iSilo. Admittedly, I haven't spent all that much time on this. I poked at it a few times and let it go for the moment. There's always so much to learn!!

#3  geoffreynz 08-05-2004, 08:46 AM
Aha! Yes, I remember that problem well, it was so frustrating when I was trying to get Plucker to work with Sitescooper. The problem lies in the fact that Plucker has been upgraded, so the required path in the file needs to change. Have a look at this post here on the Sitescooper mailing list, it's what I used to get it up and running. Without it, I would have been completely lost: Also look at this walk-through, it's extremely helpful:

I'm currently using Plucker desktop (the parser which turns everything into Plucker .pdb files) version 1.6 and Plucker viewer (the program on your Palm) version 1.8. I had to upgrade to this about a month ago (after I corrupted one of the Plucker files trying to be clever about something - advice: DON'T ever touch any file in the Plucker directories unless you have backed it up!!!!!!!!) and sitescooper works just fine with this combination.

Sitescooper is awesome, I just wish it were more user-friendly (a GUI would be nice). If it were able to be incorporated into Plucker itself it would be nice, because sitescooper is no longer under active development, as far as I know.

Let me know how you get on. I had lots of trouble initially with sitescooper (I'm not a programmer, just someone who wants to read news on his handheld) and several people were great in helping me out on the sitescooper mailing list. It's good to be able to (or at least attempt to) help someone else out in a small way, even if it's just flagging URLs out! Sadly, the sitescooper mailing list really seems to be dead now (there seem to be spam posts to it now, which will really kill it). Good to have!

P.S. If you still have trouble, let me know and I'll try to help you. A Plucker/Sitescooper combo works great for me!

#4  ignatz 08-05-2004, 09:12 AM
Ah, great, thanks for the help! Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but if it works for you, I'm sure I'll be able to get it to work for me. I use JPluck instead of Plucker Desktop, but I am using Plucker 1.8 on my Palm. I haven't been using sitescooper at all for a little while now, but now I can get back to it. Admittedly I wound up finding less use for it than I expected, as JPluck can pull most of the sites that I want, but there are still a few, like NYTimes, that seem to work best with Sitescooper. (There's been some great strides here in getting NYT to work with a normal parser, but I prefer the control over content that I can get with Sitescooper.) And yah, it's a huge shame that Sitescooper appears to be dead. I'm on the list too, and I get almost nothing. I believe that JPluck has died also, so I'm not sure how much longer that will be viable, though it works great right now. I've never even tried Plucker Desktop because I read that the two sync conduits were mutually exclusive and you needed to use one or the other. I find it interesting that you're happy with it. Might have to look at it again one of these days...

Thanks again for the help. And yes, I hope that MobileRead can become a new center of Sitescooper; if not development (I'm hardly a programmer either), then at least for usage assistance.

#5  geoffreynz 08-05-2004, 06:59 PM
I really don't know if sitescooper will easily work with Jpluck. It might, but you would probably have to change the path to something else. I installed Jpluck once and I really didn't like it, but I don't recall having any problems with using both it and Plucker Desktop, so perhaps the best solution would be to get Plucker Desktop just for the benefit of sitescooper. Does jpluck work with non-PDA friendly sites?

P.S. It must be hot in Atlanta at the moment!

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