local cloud ebooks do not load the book into cc
#1  RsH 10-14-2019, 09:25 PM
I have the ebooks in a library on the SC card. I point to it as my local cloud library and then go to the author I want to import into CC and ask it to import all the books by this author into the SD card library file I set up for CC to use. It shows each being imported/sent into that library and they all show up in CC but the actual ebook itself shows 0 byte length for each ebook. The cover is there, the metadata is there but the book itself is not there. If I use the file manager to look in that library the ebook IS there and it can be loaded if I use the ebook reader and point it to that ebook's text, but cc insists that the ebook itself is NOT there. HELP - the book is there with the correct name and details but cc does not seem to download the ebook itself into its data while the ebook is downloaded into the folder. What do I need to change? This is on an RCA tablet 11.3inch screen Android 6 unit. [theone where wifi doesn't connect but cloud does.]

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