MY NEIGHBOUR OSAMA BIN LADEN - The first hybrid novel - Free KU, $0.99 Kindle Book
#1  Yslar Tatuky 10-04-2019, 10:52 AM
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What happens when one puts Osama bin Laden and Salman Rushdie at the same dinner table? Yslar Tatuky is such a person as he has grand, though idealistic, hopes for humanity in his novel, My Neighbour Osama Bin Laden. -

On 2 May 2011, Osama bin Laden was not killed in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The new intellectual thriller gives an account of events that take place after the “liquidation” of Osama bin Laden. Yslar Tatuky, one of the major characters of the novel, returns to his hometown, Okriba, feeling empty, depressed, and broken, having spent many years abroad.

The sight of the town, once distinguished with its wonderful nature and mesmerizing environment, further affects him, and Tatuky decides to plan the restoration of those magic forests that his grandfather, Telesforos Tatuky, once built on the hills around Okriba. He is determined to return the old glory to the town. However, at around that same time, a mysterious, cryptic personality moves in his neighborhood and drastic, entirely unimaginable occurrences begin to unfold in Tatuky’s life . . .

The tense plot, great romance, engaging characters, and an innovative storytelling method turn the reading into a unique emotional adventure. The book is a true gift to literature-loving gourmets.

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