(2018) Current Non-Touch Ebook Readers?
#1  MarjaE 11-23-2018, 08:47 PM
I have a Kindle Dx and an Iriver Story Hd. But if anything happens, it'll be hard to replace them.

I have coordination issues where it's hard to avoid accidental tapping and accidental gestures.

I also have flash and visual motion sensitivity issues where I *need* to avoid zooming animation and certain other animation.

So what current e-readers either avoid reliance on a touchscreen, or allow users to disable specific gestures, reduce sensitivity, or otherwise avoid accidental tapping/gestures/etc.?

e.g, intocable might solve the problem for some touch Kindles, but I'm not sure which ones, or how much it disables.

I know some devices use styli, which might help, but it depends in the design. I can't control certain grips, so can't operate some buttons on some styli.

#2  rcentros 11-23-2018, 09:42 PM
I don't think the Pocketbook Basic 3 and Basic Lux have touchscreens. But these both have 6" screens (as those below), not sure if that would work for you. Apparently the new Kindle Paperwhite 4 can limit touchscreen gestures. You also might want to look at a good used Sony T2 or T3. They both require swipes (instead of taps) and both have page turn buttons.

#3  mobama 11-24-2018, 05:53 AM
In Oasis 2 you are supposed to be able to turn off touchscreen. Allegedly there is something like it in Onyx Boox Max2 also
Long time - but the newest firmware does this exactly as I hoped for.
An icon, that temporarily disables touch - only the status bar remains active, thus it can easily be turned on again with or without stylus.
Thank you so much!!

#4  svenlind 11-24-2018, 09:00 AM
Quote mobama
In Oasis 2 you are supposed to be able to turn off touchscreen.
This is indeed so. While inside a book you can select options and then the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. One option is "Disable Touchscreen"

You then get this text:

Disable Touchscreen

Choose this setting to temporarily disable the
touchscreen. You can turn pages using the
physical buttons on your Kindle. To enable the
touchscreen again, press the Power button once
to put your Kindle in sleep mode and once more
to wake it back up.
This is apparently not possible with the Voyage.

#5  MarjaE 11-24-2018, 02:36 PM

My old Iriver has a 6-inch screen. I mostly use it for reading epubs, because it's too cramped for pdfs, but if something happens to the Iriver, then some of the 6-inch options would be good.

How do you tell Oasis 1 from Oasis 2?

Is the Boox fix specific to the Max 2 or does it apply to their other devices too?

Neither of my current devices can read password-protected pdfs or jpeg 2000 images in pdfs. While k2 is very good at converting scanned pdfs, it's been hard to find something better and sufficiently reliable for converting pdf-born-pdfs. I thought I had a solution using Ghostscript, but it sometimes outputs broken pdfs. I also have a more drastic solution using Lighten Pdf to Epub+.

So I'm wondering what pdfs each device can handle. Any idea where to find the info?

#6  j.p.s 11-24-2018, 06:40 PM
Quote MarjaE
How do you tell Oasis 1 from Oasis 2?
The Oasis 2 has a 7" screen.

#7  mobama 11-25-2018, 04:49 AM
Quote MarjaE
Is the Boox fix specific to the Max 2 or does it apply to their other devices too?
My wild guess is that the fix would apply to all Boox ereaders that have Android 6. My guess is purely out of thin air though, to be confirmed or refuted by those who actually own the devices.

#8  MarjaE 10-15-2019, 01:01 AM
I'm still using the Kindle Dx and Story Hd, but frustrated with both.

I mostly use the Kindle Dx for pdfs, and am frustrated because it's slow, and it has too little disk space. I end up having to swap books in and out from Calibre.

I sometimes use the Story Hd for epubs, and converted mobis, and am frustrated because it's harder to organize files, and it has too little screen space for pdfs. I would like to be able to group books in "to read," and then "to log," or "to cut," once I've read them.

I'm still considering the Kindle Oasis 2+, but it's expensive. And the Voyage and Keyboard aren't always available.

I'm also not sure what touchscreen settings are available on the Oasis while the touchscreen is still on.

For example, most touch devices implement pinch-to-zoom. I don't have the coordination to avoid accidental zooming gestures if another finger gets too close, and I get awful migraines from zooming animation.

I might consider other touch devices if I can disable zooming and similar animation.

I briefly used an Icarus Illumina, couldn't avoid zooming, and then it broke and I couldn't get it repaired due to customs fees.

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