Spiritual Schaff, Philip: ASV Hexateuch Showing JEDP Sources. v1. 09 April 2018
#1  Difflugia 04-09-2018, 09:10 PM
This is a PDF of the first six books (Hexateuch) of the American Standard Version of the Bible, colored to show the putative sources of the Documentary Hypothesis. It's loosely in the style of Richard Elliott Friedman's The Bible with Sources Revealed, but all of the source materials are in the public domain.

The text of the ASV was published in 1901. The primary named author is Philip Schaff, who died in 1893.

The JEDP source data is from a database created by me (Difflugia) from Appendix C of Joseph Estlin Carpenter's 1902 book, The Composition of the Hexateuch. Carpenter died in 1927.

To the extent that this document may represent a new copyrightable work, I (Difflugia) place the entire document in the public domain, or in jurisdictions where that's not possible, I hereby grant an irrevocable and perpetual license to anyone to do whatever she wants with it.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

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[pdf] ASV-JEDP.pdf (629.6 KB, 262 views)

#2  DaleDe 09-07-2018, 04:15 PM
It would be nice if the book had a decode of the JEDPR meaning within the book someplace.

#3  Difflugia 09-07-2018, 04:54 PM
Sure. It shouldn't be too much work to add a title page and short introduction describing methods and such. If I get ambitious, it also shouldn't be too much effort to turn it into an epub, since the whole thing's mostly computer-generated anyway.

I was also looking a little closer and noticed that my coloring doesn't quite match the book that I linked, so I must have used a different source (it's been a few years since I made it and my memory's a little fuzzy). After spot-checking a few verses, I think it was probably this one.

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