OneDrive Cloud Access Problems - Device Specific
#1  imdanerdinator 11-07-2019, 12:05 AM
I'm having a specific issue connecting to Microsoft OneDrive on an Onyx Boox Max 3. When attempting to login/authenticate for the cloud access the password page returns a wrong password or username for the correct username/password. I additionally confirmed it was nothing to do with the accounts/current calibre companion version by testing with success the same account login process on calibre companion on a Galaxy Note 10 and a Galaxy S8 while using Microsoft's Authenticator App. When I attempt the login on the Galaxy devices I am redirected to an authenticator based login page which functions properly and logs in successfully. On the Onyx Boox Max 3, instead of receiving an authenticator message I receive a password page that appears normal, but returns a wrong password message for the correct password (verified 3 times). This failed password page provides an option to use your authenticator app instead, but when I switch to this page it says that it was unable to send a notification and 15-20 retries still result in no success.

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