Short Fiction Le Queux, William: The Count's Chauffeur (1909), v1
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In 1909, if you wanted a high-performance high quality luxury car, the go-to make was Napier, which produced limousines of the highest quality, and also went racing in stripped, lightened versions, with vast success.

This collection of short stories tells of a young Englishman who, after a short successful career racing in England and on the Continent, is taken on by an Italian count as his chauffeur— or, more accurately, his getaway driver, for the Count is a high-class crook! And the car is the "car of cars"
of that year: the 40-HP Napier.

1: A Move on the "Forty"
2: A Sentimental Swindle
3: The Story of a Secret
4: A Run With Rosalie
5: The Six New Novels
6: The Gentleman From London
7: The Lady of the Great North Road
8: The Red Rooster
9: Concerning the Other Fellow
10: The Lady in a Hurry
11: The Peril Of Pierrette
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