Fantasy Stevens, Francis: Nightmare! .v1. 10 June 07
#1  Dr. Drib 06-10-2007, 08:41 AM
Another novel from the pioneering "First Woman of Fantasy."

Here's some info:

"….First published in 1916, this debut novel of terror launched the career of Francis Stevens (aka Gertrude Barrows Bennett), the grandmistress of horror, author of Possessed! Citadel of Fear, Claimed! , and other classic novels of terror…When a tourist from New York sails on the ill-fated liner Lusitania, he wakens from a night's sleep to find himself struggling in the seas off an uncharted island. There, he encounters man-eating plants, spiders as big as a dining-room table, bears as large as elephants, and bats of similar proportions. He also finds himself caught in a rivalry between two dangerous groups competing to extract a rare substance found only on the island which turns lead into gold…."

I hope you enjoy....check out the two major illustrations.

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