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#15  colibris79 10-02-2017, 10:08 PM
Hi guys.
I got my Boyue Paper (o Likebook Plus) a few days ago. And I can tell you that I am very happy with it. I was just what I was looking for. The screen is nice (both definition, touch-reaction and backlight) and the firmware works smoothly. Battery performance is not bad at all for this kind of Android devices. It comes with Google Play installed so you can install whatever you want. It also has OTG and Bluetooth.

On the downside I have to say that it doesn't have page-turn buttons (it doesn't have a reset button). It doesn't have a Micro-SD slot (although I don't think it is necessary since it has 16G of internal storage). The device is rootable but it seems the firmware update tools stops working when rooted. So in order to update you would have to unroot, update and the root again. It also seems that installing Xposed could block the device. I find the weight a little bit too much (290gr), specially compared to the Kobo Aura One which is only 230gr.

One last thing, if you want to use Goldendict don't install the Google play version because it won't work inside other apps. You have install either the GoldenDict-1.6.5-Android-3.0+ version or the normal GoldenDict-1.6.5 from their website:
Free version
Paid version

If you want a deeper analysis I have posted it in this Spanish forum
Overall I think it is a great e-reader and it is the one I am using all the time at home. And if you have further questions just let me know.

EDIT: Used Root Master for rooting.

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