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Sticky: Kubrick: Live CD to debrick Kindle 3, 4, and Touch 1,095
Sticky: #kindle-dev THE IRC channel for Kindle development. JOIN US. (IRC ≈ CHAT CLIENT) 48
Sticky: KUAL: Kindle Unified Application Launcher (v2.7) 1,792
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Sticky: Kindle Developer's Corner Master Index (aka. Where Do I Start?) 105
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 - [PW2] Is it worth to upgrade from firmware 5.6.5 to the newer 11
 - [K5] FW 5.x ScreenSavers Hack 2,560
 - [Tools] Software Jailbreak for PW2, PW3, PW3W, KT2, KV, KOA and KT3 2,322
 - KPV: a PDF reader for Kindle, based on muPDF, GPLv3 1,053
 - Jailbreak a Kindle Voyage without touching the touchscreen? 4
 - [KV] Possibilty to turn off the device completely 11
 - How can I hide the statusbar? 15
 - Kindle Paperwhite Demo Unlock. 5
 - Kindle Paperwhite stucks in demo mode. How to sovle it. 12

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