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Sticky: The Big List of Android eBook Reader Apps 423
 - moon+ reader pro right to left reading 1
 - Moonreader - how to not show multiple versions of the same book (epub, mobi, etc) 1
 - Moon Reader Pro slowing down Text to Speech speed 1
 - Hisense A5C, A5 Pro CC, color e-ink phones 226
 - MoonReader Pro+ - When ReadAloud is paused and headphone disconnected, the audio 0
 - Edge-Touch Pager: A Firefox add-on for ebook-style scrolling on the web 0
 - Moon Reader Pro, issues with book sync and importing highlights 1
 - Will there ever be a simple ebook editor for Android? 4
 - Moon+ Reader pro 0
 - Is there any way to merge backups from separate devices on Moon Plus Reader? 0

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